January 3, 2002

We ended up with a foot of snow in the yard. These pictures were taken just before 8 AM when we only had 8 inches.
Out of the office window, looking on the back yard
On the carport looking out at the cars
In front of the cars, out the driveway. Chappy is a photo hound
From the driveway, looking back at the house
Chappy being a photo hound again
Across the front yard, facing east
Further out the driveway, looking back at the house and Christmas deer
Looking back at the cars
Animated Christmas deer on a bale of hay. Tonight you can't tell it's on hay - its feet are in snow
The animated deer that moves its head up and down is eating snow
Back towards the cars again, snow on trees, looking at neighbor's house
Over the house looking at the trees in the back yard
The front yard magnolia tree, and looking down Thompson Street towards town
Chappy being photo hound again
Walking around house towards back yard. Of course, Chappy has to be there again.
The twin kittens get taken out for their first snow
The leashes are so we can't lose them in the snow
They don't like it; Momma Dog Chappy tries to see why

Next Day
Front of house
Front yard trees
Front yard trees, Jack's car
Magnolia tree
Christmas decorations in front yard
Back yard trees
Back yard trees