Christmas Eve - I swear there's a tree there someplace! 1 2 3 4 5

Ashley sees the stack of presents when she comes in
Nothing fazes Mark, but he does not like his picture taken.
Stacey walks in, and sees the stacks
She is in shock - the stacks are as tall as her.
Courtneys turn

Ok, more stuff was added to the stacks
Nuff Stockings? Who has that many feet?

Waiting for Aunt Charity to hand out presents, Stacey decides to become a feline proctologist.
John gets the first gift
TJ gets the second one.
He shakes it, trying to figure out what it is -
finally realizes he can open it.

Courtney wants to help hand them out.
Stacy is on the floor now, getting her first one.
Ashley: Oh Boy Oh Boy!
Its dress up clothes!
A tie!
Do I have to open this?
John and Tammie
I got one too!
Glass Nativity Scene
Jack turns his back to the camera to open a gift.
An air compressor!
From Santas front office....Hmmmmm... Oh! A stapler!
A tea kettle?
Back Alley Boys!
Just what I always wanted! What is it?
Its to both of us!
Mark! Its my wolf! Hands off!
Oh Yeah?
Now for my archery merit badge!
Just what I needed.
I got a DVD!
John - I got my own.
Wheres my arrows?
Let me see if I can feel what this is before I look.
Which to shoot first, the gun? The bow and arrow?
A gift from Sonny?
It isnt....?...
It is! The belt buckle I kept forgetting to get out of his truck!
Another DVD! Little Women!
A tool box! A big tool box!
A Really Big Tool Box!

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